Dr Martin Huang (Paragon – Singapore)

dr martin huang of paragon in Singapore

In order to attain an ultimate level of beauty, we’ve begun to take care of body and mind. Because being accepted by the society for who you are might not always be easy, accepting yourself for who you are is easier.

Dr Huang’s Skillset

But if you really want to enhance your physical features in order to gain more confidence, Dr Martin Huang is a person to consult.

A fully trained, accredited, and certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Martin Huang completed his plastic surgery and general medical training for subspecialty training in the fields of endoscopic plastic surgery, craniomaxillofacial surgery, and cleft lip and palate surgery in Singapore and later in the United States.

Dr. Huang has been in practice for over twenty-five and has started a private practice in 1998 and acquired impressive reviews from his past clients throughout the years.

He’s a globally renowned and respected professional in both lower and upper eyelid surgery and breast enhancement, particularly in Korea.

He’s also closely familiar with and painstakingly uses the top of the line Korean cosmetic operation methods while adding his innovations to improve them according to client’s needs. With a great passion for his work, he is dedicated to lifetime learning and improvement and continuously improves himself along with the medical equipment he uses in his practice.

Dr Martin Huang’s Interests

The main clinical interests of Dr. Martin Huang include cosmetic surgery of the breast, face, and body, along with non-surgical visual treatments for facial improvement and transformation, body contouring, as well as fat reduction. When it comes to reconstructive surgery, he’s well known for craniomaxillofacial trauma and cleft lip and palate repair.

Dr. Martin Huang constantly gets himself involved in several professional academic activities. He has already published various scientific papers about international plastic surgery. He also won various global academic awards throughout his career. On top of those things, he has instructed broadly on different plastic surgery subjects.

Above all, he’s a favorite presenter and speaker on Asian cosmetic surgery practices among the global community of plastic surgeons. He’s commonly requested to be a faculty and to present and share his experience and knowledge in cosmetic surgery, particularly lower eyelids, upper eyelids, and breast at plastic surgery conventions and courses in Japan, Korea, China, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. He has also acted as faculty in different international specialized workshops, not only on cosmetic breast surgery but also on neurotoxin injections.

Paragon Medical Suites In Singapore

Along with having the state-of-the-art equipment in his clinic in Paragon, he is professionally dedicated to using the latest and most effective methods in both cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic managements so as to attain optimal results for his patients when it comes to quality of safety, outcomes, and efficiency. He has embraced and utilizes what he thinks to be the best methods, tools, and medical devices from the Korean, Europe, and the U.S.

Furthermore, regardless of what he has already attained in his a lot of years of experience, he stays to be committed to improving his skills and knowledge. By nature, he is meticulous, self-critical, and perfectionistic in everything he does, and isn’t easily pleased with his own work. He constantly examines and reviews his work with the goal of making great methods even better, with the vital goal of attaining even advanced quality standards and consistency in his works.

A lot of current practices in plastic surgery and non-invasive aesthetic methods of Dr. Martin Huang are the outcomes of everything learned throughout his training, his ongoing medical education throughout the course of his professional career, and essentially, his own adjustments and modifications of current methods to improve them better.