Dr Susan Lim (Singapore)

dr susan lim singaporeThe background of Dr Susan Lim is a distinguished surgeon, pioneer, and researcher, and the development of her profession from open to robotic surgery, and from organ transplant to researching cells, has been as an outcome of disruptions in her industry.

She has founded the Centre for Robotic Surgery, Singapore, which led to the introduction of the ‘da Vinci’ robotic system for general operating applications in Singapore.

This system has revolutionized methods in urology and cardiology.

As chairman of Parkway’s Centre for Robotic Surgery for Training and Development, she worked with her team of gynecology to help the applications in robotic surgery.

Dr Susan Lim The Pioneer

Dr Susan Lim’s historic performance of the very first successful cadaveric liver transplant in 1990 drove her into the spotlight at the age of 35.

She carried the women’s flag to the top after becoming the first one in Asia, and the second woman in the world, to have successfully performed a liver transplant during the time.

Globally Educated Yet Rooted In Singapore

After an early education in Singapore, Dr Susan Lim was awarded Colombo Plan scholarship to take up medicine at Monash University in Australia, and followed by Gulbenkian Scholarship, Churchill College to take up a Ph.D. in transplantation immunology at the University of Cambridge UK.

She was given an award with the GB Ong Gold medal for being on top of the surgical exams at the Royal College of Surgeons in the year 1984.

Her entrepreneurial effort in surgery has gained her the “Spirit of the Century” Award from the Business Times of Singapore.

Her academic acknowledgments include being the youngest academic to be chosen Fellow of Trinity College, the University of Melbourne in Australia, the Monash University Distinguished Alumnus Award, and an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Medicine by The University of Newcastle in Australia.

In the year 2007, the Committee for Review & Recognition or CRR titled the American Academy of Continuing Medical Education 28th award, the “Dr Susan Lim Award” for the progression in Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Dr Susan’s Advancements In Robot Tech.

In 2003, carried the position of Robotic Medical Director for Asia for Computer Motion Industries; in 2004, she founded the Da Vinci Robotic General Surgery Program in Singapore; and in 2005, she was selected the Chairman of Parkway Hospitals Centre for Robotic Surgery for Training and Development.

In more than 30 years of her academic and surgical profession, she has focused on founding the new regions in medicine that have comprised stem cell and transplantation research that she talked about in her 2011 TED talk “Transplant Cells not Organs” that she discussed in TEDx Berkeley Talk “The Dawn of a New Ecosystem in Organ Replacement” in 2016.

She was recognized in the Australian House of Parliament for her humanitarian work, for attending to, and saving the lives of many Australians affected by the second Bali bomb blast.

In 2000, she, together with her husband, founded the Indiapore Trust to teach unfortunate children in Asia focusing in the area of IT.

In 2010, the Dr Susan Lim Medical Scholarship was founded to help talented and smart students to pursue their medical education at Trinity College, the University of Melbourne in Australia.

With her wit and knowledge, she has become a top choice of many prestigious personalities even Brunei royalty and many local and foreign celebrities.

Her wide-ranging interests include swimming, skiing, and a great love for nature and family. Her eager to pursue that next big thing makes her enthusiastically dedicated to stem cell and robotic research.

She’s also a co-founder of 91 Springboard, which is a startup development center headquartered in Delhi, India.

Dr Susan Lim strongly thinks that as the world progressively clings to technology, interactions and communication are going to extend beyond humans to robots and other inanimate things.