Hair Surgery – A Feasible Way to Baldness

Hair transplant horror testimonies are not new; the truth is, they’re more usual than meets the eye. Lots of people suffer hair loss and the reasons vary. The thing is that individuals don’t recognize the cause which easily triggers horror hair transplant testimonies. However hair transplantation surgery has jumped leaps recently to make it a workable, risk-free and not too chancy alternative for those suffering with hair loss; many celebs like Dwayne Johnson, Nicholas Cage and Salman Khan and even Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi are believed to have had hair transplantation surgery, although such is the stigma fastened that none of them have confessed to it openly, it only becomes obvious when looking at before and after photos.

Fascinating facts about hair transplant

Dr. Okuda, a Japanese dermatologist was the very first doctor to put the basis of hair transplantation. In 1939 he released a document that pointed out a progressive strategy to use small grafts which were very similar to the ones utilised today in hair transplant.

The the loss of hair was remedied with hair grafts; these were intended to repair hair thinning in a variety of parts of the body, such as the eyebrow zones or the top of the head. In the 80’s hair transplant surgery evolved drastically, as the significant punch grafts were progressively substituted with a more processed mix of micro and mini grafts.

What Are The Main Methods for Hair transplantation surgery?

Right now, experts would say that hair transplantation surgery is split into two main tactics. Popularly known as FUT, follicular unit transplant differs from follicular unit extraction, shortly known as FUE.


In follicular hair transplant, the cosmetic surgeon transplants hair from the permanent sector in the back of the scalp on the damaged areas. FUT is an intervention for more substantial parts; the procedure is not just effective, but also more convenient when it comes to the price paid for the grafts. If you absolutely, positively do not want strip operation as you are worried about scarring, then FUE is your only choice. But you must understand that each method will leave some form of mark.

What Is The Price For Hair transplantation surgery?

Low Priced vs. High Priced – Is There A Distinction Between Procedures?

These days, many people wish to cut costs; this usually happens in countries such as Pakistan, India and Thailand, as well as in Eastern Europe.

Even if hair transplant renders the best of results, first you are recommended to test the cures that are non-invasive and a lot cheaper. You’d be very impressed to see what a huge difference can a hair shampoo make. After you’ve convinced yourself that hair transplant is the better choice, check for trustworthy medical professionals; evaluate pricing as well, and don’t neglect that the lesser the hair the more expensive the treatment. Without a doubt the cash saved is nothing when compared to stress of having to deal with a poorly scarred scalp for forever.

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